GALua module: Lua programming language with support for GA data-types

The GALua Module
What is GALua?
GALua is a Lua module written in C++. The goal of the GALua module is to endow the Lua programming language with support for GA data-types (i.e. multi-vectors.) At the time of this writing, the module is experimental and admittedly slow, but it works.
How do I get GALua?
The current, officient distribution of GALua is It is compatible with Lua 5.2.

If you are interested in seeing the entire project tree, you can obtain a copy of the module as a ZIP archive or tar-ball, along with the entire project source. GALua depends upon a statically linked library known as CalcLib which provides the GA calculation engine. The GAVisTool program is also based upon this library.

Following is a list of links giving you the entire module project source which you can use to build the DLL yourself for your platform. As of this writing, there are no project files or makefiles for platforms other than Win32.

To simply clone the GALua repository, issue the following command.

 $ git clone

How do I learn GALua?
Documentation on the module is provided here. As of this writing, GALua is on its first major release (v1.0).

Please send bugs or feedback to spencer ‘dot’ parkin ‘at’ gmail ‘dot’ com.

Copyright (C) 2013, by Spencer T. Parkin

Source: Digest for – 3 Messages in 2 Topics‏ of 25 Feb. 2013,, Email by S. Parkin,, 26 Feb. 2013

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