K. Matsuzaki, T. Sugawa: Topics in Finite or Infinite Dimensional Complex Analysis

Katsuhiko Matsuzaki,Toshiyuki Sugawa (eds.)

  • Price: 5,775 JPY
  • ISBN 978-4-86163-219-8 C3041
  • 268 pages, 18 papers
  • Language: English
  • Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Finite and Infinite Dimensional Complex Analysis and Applications (19th ICFIDCAA); December 11-15, 2011, Aster Plaza, Hiroshima, Japan
  • Tohoku University Press: Sendai, 2013.
  • Order page: http://www.tups.jp/book/book.php?id=291
  • Conference abstract booklet download: http://19fi.cajpn.org/abstract.pdf

Group photo i
Color figures ii
Preface iii
Contents iv
List of Talks vii
List of Participants x
Acknowledgements 1
Junesang Choi
Plenary Speakers
Asymptotic analysis of weighted oscillatory integrals via Newton polyhedra 3
Joe Kamimoto and Toshihiro Nose
On the generalization of Forelli’s theorem — A brief survey — 13
Kang-Tae Kim
Composition operators in several variables — A survey — 25
Hyungwoon Koo
Derivatives of inner functions and Bp,q spaces in the unit ball of Cn 35
Manfred Stoll
M¨obius semigroup attractors 49
Rich Stankewitz
On spaces of rational functions 63
Masahiko Taniguchi
On a reversal of the second main theorem for meromorphic functions of finite order 75
Katsutoshi Yamanoi
Analytic-nonintegrable resonant Hamiltonians which are integrable in a sector 85
Masafumi Yoshino
Session Speakers
Non-divergent infinitely discrete Teichm¨uller modular transformation 97
Ege Fujikawa and Katsuhiko Matsuzaki
The generalized Bell locus of rational functions and problems of Goldberg 103
Masayo Fujimura, Mohaby Karima and Masahiko Taniguchi
Admissible boundary limits of Green potentials satisfying nonlinear inequalities in the unit ball of Cn 111
Kentaro Hirata
Quaternionic Fourier-Mellin Transform 123
Eckhard Hitzer
Z´eros de la fonction holomorphe et born´ee dans un polyh`edre analytique de C2 133
Kazuko Kato
Carath´eodory measure hyperbolicity and nef property of cotangent bundle 141
Shin Kikuta
A generalized type of Cauchy-Riemann operator and its application to Initial Value Problems (IVP) 153
Le Hung Son and Le Cuong
On the uniqueness of Riemann-zeta function 163
Liang-Wen Liao and Chung-Chun Yang
A condition for a circle domain and an infinitely generated classical Schottky group 169
Fumio Maitani and Masahiko Taniguchi
First Fundamental Theorem for bounded functions 177
Shamil Makhmutov
Morrey capacity and vanishing integrability for Riesz potentials in Morrey spaces 187
Yoshihiro Mizuta
Construction of a marked Fuchsian group by trace functions 197
Gou Nakamura and Toshihiro Nakanishi
Characterizations for concave functions and integral representations 203
Rintaro Ohno
Approximation of Lyapunov exponents in non-archimedean and complex dynamics 217
Yˆusuke Okuyama
The discriminant of the reflection group of type D4 and holonomic systems with singularities along its zero locus 223
Jiro Sekiguchi
On the coefficients of the Riemann mapping function for the exterior of the Multibrot set 237
Hirokazu Shimauchi
Representation theorem for certain harmonic functions on smooth bounded domains 249
Kiyoki Tanaka
The growth rates of non-cocompact 3-dimensional hyperbolic Coxeter tetrahedra and pyramids 261
Yuriko Umemoto

Source: http://www.tups.jp/book/book.php?id=291, http://19fi.cajpn.org/, Email by T. Sugawa, sugawa_AT_math.is.tohoku.ac.jp, 21 Feb. 2013


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