C. Perelman et al: Law of Sums of the Squares of Areas, Volumes and Hyper Volumes of Regular Polytopes from Clifford Polyvectors

by Carlos Perelman, Fang Fang, Garret Sadler, Klee Irwin
Quantum Gravity Research Group, Topanga, California 90290, USA

Inspired by the recent sums of the squares law obtained by Kovacs-Fang-Sadler-Irwin we derive the law of the sums of the squares of the areas, volumes and hyper-volumes associated with the faces, cells and hyper-cells of regular polytopes in diverse dimensions after using Clifford algebraic methods.

Download (PDF): http://vixra.org/pdf/1211.0134v1.pdf

Source: Email by C. Perelman, 23 Nov. 2012, perelmanc_AT_hotmail.com, http://vixra.org/abs/1211.0134


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