M.E. Horn: Geometric Algebra of Quarks

Martin Erik Horn: Geometric Algebra of Quarks

Quarks are described mathematically by (3 x 3) matrices. To include these quarkonian mathematical structures into Geometric algebra it is helpful to restate Geometric algebra in the mathematical language of (3 x 3) matrices. It will be shown in this paper how (3 x 3) permutation matrices can be interpreted as unit vectors. And as S3 permutation symmetry is flavour symmetry a unified flavour picture of Geometric algebra will emerge. (Poster presentation at AGACSE 2012 in La Rochelle)

Download URL: http://www.vixra.org/abs/1210.0142

Source: Emails by M. E. Horn, 27 Oct. 2012, 11 Nov. 2012, horn_AT_zedat.fu-berlin.de


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