20th WSCG 2012 conference, Plzen, Czech Rep., 25-28 June 2012

WSCG2012 Call for Papers
Submission date: March 6, 2012 
VENUE: June 25-28, 2012 - Plzen, close to PRAGUE - The Golden European City

Paper and/or Conference Registration at http://wscgreg.zcu.cz/ 
If you wish to be kept informed on WSCG events, register at this WEB as well                       

W S C G ' 2012 
20-th International Conference in Central Europe 
on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision
http://www.wscg.cz or http://wscg.zcu.cz 

in co-operation with EUROGRAPHICS

is to be held at Pilsen [Plzen], Czech Republic, 
	Pilsen - THE CITY of the famous BEER  - http://web.zcu.cz/plzen/ 
	close to Prague - the Golden European City - nice opportunity to visit it !
        see photos at http://petrklapper.com/PragueByNight/ 

VENUE: June 25-28, 2012

Conference Co-chairs
Enhua Wu, University of Macau & SKLCS/IOS, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China 
Vaclav Skala, University of West Bohemia & VSB-Technical University, Czech Republic

Eric Lengyel: A Bigger Mathematical Picture for Computer Graphics, 
       Terathon Software LLC, USA
Karol Myszkowski: Overcoming Physical Limitations of Display Devices in Rendering, 
       Max-Planck-Institut f�r Informatik, Germany

Information for authors
Anonymous and Affiliated versions should be uploaded by the submission date
	- FULL and Communication papers - 8 pages A4 
	- POSTER - 4 pages A4, the title starts with Poster:......   
	- TUTORIALS - 2 pages A4 (Extended abstract), the title starts with Tutorial:....
Full, Communication, Poster papers and Tutorials have to be of the WSCG format - see guidelines on WEB and for a template.

ACCEPTED, PRESENTED and POSTERS papers, TUTORIAL (abstracts) will be published in the WSCG proceedings with ISBN. 
They will be available on-line on WSCG WEB site - NO-ACCESS restriction.
	=> FAST and WIDE dissemination of your research results 
	=> higher citations of your papers

The best selected full papers will be published in the
Journal of WSCG, Vol.20. ISSN 1213 6972 <<<

Proceedings and Journal of WSCG will be sent to 
Tompson Reuters/ISI-Web of Knowledge (http://wscg.zcu.cz/!-Thompson-ISI.pdf), 
Scopus (http://wscg.zcu.cz/!_SCOPUS-record.pdf) - since 2009 and to other for indexing. See http://wscg.zcu.cz for citation statistics, please. 
G-index: 38
HI index: 9.59

Topics included
Rendering Techniques, 
GPU/Tesla/Fermi Programming, 
Geometric Computing, 
Surface Meshing, 
Shape Modeling, 
Physically Based Modeling, 
Image Based Modeling, 
Medical Visualization , 
Scientific Visualization, 
Computational Photography, 
High Definition Range Images, 
Constraint Motion, 
Computer Vision & Image Processing, 
Pattern Recognition, 
Virtual Reality & VR Interaction, 
Graphical Man Machine Interaction-HCI, 
Levels of Details (Algorithms etc.), 
Application of Geometrical Algebra, 
Conformal Geometry, 
Computational Geometry, 
Compression for Graphics, 
Vision and Image Processing, 
Holography for Computer Graphics, 
3D Displays & 3D TV, 
Animation Techniques, 
Mobile & WEB Graphics, 
Prof.Vaclav Skala
c/o University of West Bohemia, Dept.of Computer Science and Engineering
Faculty of Applied Sciences, University of West Bohemia,
Univerzitni 8, CZ 306 14 Plzen-Bory, Czech Republic

e-mail:	skala@kiv.zcu.cz 	Subject: INFO WSCG 2012
      http://www.wscg.eu 	or 	http://wscg.zcu.cz 	       	
       Tel./Fax: +420-37-763-2457

Feel free to visit http://www.wscg.eu - all papers are available on-line since 1992 
(no access restriction)

Conference office
UNION Agency - Vaclav Skala
Na Mazinach 9, CZ 322 00 Plzen, Czech Republic

e-mail:	UnionAgency@volny.cz  	Subject: WSCG2012

Source: Email by V. Skala,  skala_at_kiv.zcu.cz, 2012/01/16 6:51

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