YUAN LinWang et al: Geometric algebra method for multidimensionally-unified GIS computation

Yuan L W, Lü G N, Luo W, Yu Z Y, Yi L and Sheng Y H,
Geometric algebra method for multidimensionally-unified GIS computation.
Chin Sci Bull, doi: 10.1007/s11434-011-4891-3
Received August 25, 2011; accepted October 31, 2011

Abstract: Seamless multidimensional handling and coordinate-free characteristics of geometric algebra (GA) provide means to construct multidimensionally-unified GIS computation models. Using the multivector representation for basic geometric objects within GA, we are able to construct adaptable unified geometric-topological structural models of a multidimensional geographical scene. Multidimensional operators found within the geometry, topology and GIS analysis are developed with basic GA operators. A unified computational framework is proposed, it unifies expressions and operation structures, as well as supports the analysis of multidimensional complex scenes. Finally, we illustrate modelling a three-dimensional residential district, which shows that GAbased multidimensionally-unified computation models can effectively represent and analyze complex and multidimensional geographical scenes. The development of the proposed GIS multidimensionally-unified representation, analysis, and modeling enhances current GIS algorithms and geographical models.

Keywords: geometric algebra, GIS, multidimensionally-unified representation, multidimensionally-unified computation

Remark: This article is published with open access at http://www.springerlink.com/content/h1615855352540t3/

Source: Email by Yu Z Y, yuzhaoyuan_at_163.com, 19 Dec. 2011, 3:21.


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