Sylvester Medal for mathematical research – call for nominations

This medal is awarded for mathematical research.

James Joseph Sylvester FRS

The Sylvester Medal is awarded biennially (in even years) “for the encouragement of mathematical research”.

The award was created in memory of the mathematician James Joseph Sylvester FRS (PDF), who was Savilian Professor of Geometry at the University of Oxford in the 1880s. It was first awarded in 1901. Originally it was awarded triennially, but from 2010 it is now awarded  biennially in even years.

The award is open to citizens of a Commonwealth country or of the Irish Republic or those who have been ordinarily resident and working in a Commonwealth country or in the Irish Republic for a minimum of three years immediately prior to being proposed.

The recipient is chosen by the Council of the Royal Society on the recommendation of the Physical Sciences Awards Committee. Nominations are valid for five years. After which the candidate cannot be re-nominated until a year after the nomination as expired.

The medal is of bronze and is accompanied by a gift of £1,000.


The 2012 call for nominations is now open. To nominate a candidate please complete this nomination form and return it to us by Monday 6 February 2012. The winner will be announced in the summer of 2012.

Most recent medallist

Dr Graeme Segal FRS was awarded the Sylvester Medal in 2010 for his highly influential and elegant work on the development of topology, geometry and quantum field theory, bridging the gap between physics and pure mathematics.

Source: Chloe Sykes (, 2011/12/14 20:59), Head of Science Communication, Royal Society and



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