AACA, Contents of Vol. 21, Issue 4

A Clifford Algebra Realization of Supersymmetry and its Polyvector Extension in Clifford Spaces
Carlos Castro
Abstract Full text PDF

Operator Identities in q-Deformed Clifford Analysis
K. Coulembier & F. Sommen
Abstract Full text PDF

Fundamental Theorems for Clifford Algebra-Valued Distributions in Elliptic Clifford Analysis
Ghislain R. Franssens
Abstract Full text PDF

On the Quaternionic B 2-Slant Helices in the Euclidean Space E 4
?smail Gök, O. Zeki Okuyucu, Ferda? Kahraman & H. Hilmi Hacisaliho?lu
Abstract Full text PDF

On Conformal Infinity and Compactifications of the Minkowski Space
Arkadiusz Jadczyk
Abstract Full text PDF

The Clifford-Fourier Transform $${\mathcal {F}_o}$$ and Monogenic Extensions
Arnoldo Bezanilla López & Omar León Sánchez
Abstract Full text PDF

Differential Equations Over Octonions
S. V. Ludkowski
Abstract Full text PDF

On the Consistency of the Quantum-Like Representation Algorithm for Hyperbolic Interference
Peter Nyman
Abstract Full text PDF

Triality Transformation and Lie Group Spin7
Wang Qing & Zhou Jianwei
Abstract Full text PDF

General Algebraic Structures of Clifford Type and Cauchy-Pompeiu Formulae for Some Piecewise Constant Structure Relations
Wolfgang Tutschke & Carmen Judith Vanegas
Abstract Full text PDF

On the Dunkl Version of Monogenic Polynomials
Chokri Yacoub
Abstract Full text PDF

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