Invitation to 1st Clifford Lecture at UCL, 7 Dec. 2011, London, UK

Invitation to the
1st W. K. Clifford Prize Lecture at UCL London

The Department of Mathematics of University College London (UCL) honours the laureates of the W. K. Clifford Prize, by offering them the opportunity to deliver a special lecture.

William Kingdon Clifford worked from 1871 until his untimely death in 1879 as Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University College London, holding the Goldsmid Chair.

The W. K. Clifford Prize was instituted by the International Conference on Clifford Algebras and Their Applications in Mathematical Physics (ICCA). In July 2011, Hendrik De Bie of Ghent University (Belgium) was awarded(1) the first W. K. Clifford Prize for his outstanding mathematical research achievements in the fields of harmonic and Clifford analysis with applications in theoretical physics.

The special lecture will be given by Hendrik De Bie.

Venue: Department of Mathematics(2), University College London, 25 Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT, Room 505 (5th floor).

Wednesday, the 7th of December 2011.


  • 4 pm: Welcome
  • 4.20 pm: Opening session
    • R. McDonald (Head, Dept. of Mathematics, UCL): William K. Clifford and UCL
  • 4.30 pm: 1st W. K. Clifford Prize Winner Lecture
    • Chairman: W. Spröβig (University of Freiberg)
    • H. De Bie: Clifford Algebras, Fourier Transforms and Quantum Mechanics
  • 5.30 pm: Reception(3) in room 502 offered by the Department of Mathematics UCL.

The Dirac operator is a fundamental operator in quantum mechanics; it is used e.g. to describe the behavior of the relativistically moving electron. The mathematical framework behind this operator is the theory of Clifford algebras, invented in the 19th century by W.K. Clifford.
In this talk it will be shown how one can define a generalized Fourier transform related to an operator of Dirac type, by solving a corresponding quantum system. The resulting theory encompasses many previously discovered transforms, such as the Dunkl transform, the radially deformed Fourier transform and the fractional Fourier transform.

1) See also:
2) See also:
3) People who wish to attend the reception are kindly requested to register (until the 28th of November 2011) by sending an email message to F. Brackx, Secretary of the W.K. Clifford Prize Committee, or to its former Secretary E. Hitzer

Email by F. Brackx, 4 Nov. 2011,


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