New editorial board for AACA

New editorial board for journal Advances in Applied Clifford Algebras

Founding Editor
AACA was founded in 1991 by Jaime Keller (UNAM, México).

Waldyr A. Rodrigues, Jr.
Institute of Mathematics Statistics and Scientific Computation
13083-859 Campinas, SP
E-mail:   or

Editorial Office
Claudia Rosas (Secretary)

Irma Aragon (Assistant)

Emeritus Editors
J. S. Roy Chisholm (Kent, United Kingdom)
R. Delanghe (Gent, Belgium)

Editorial Board
Rafal Ablamowicz (Cookeville, TN, USA)
Pierre Anglès (Toulouse, France)
Leo Dorst (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Bertfried Fauser (Birmingham, United Kingdom)
Thomas Friedrich (Berlin, Germany)
Eckhard Hitzer (Fukui, Japan)
Arkadiuz Jadczyk (Toulouse, France)
Hongbo Li (Beijing, China)
Zbigniew Oziewicz (México, México)
John Ryan (Fayetteville, AR, USA)
Garret Sobczyk (Puebla, Mexico)
Frank Sommen (Gent, Belgium)
Wolfgang Sprössig (Freiberg, Germany)
Vladimir Soucek (Prague, Czech Republic)
Jayme Vaz Jr. (Sao Paulo, Brazil)



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