W. K. Clifford Prize 2011 – Call for Nominations

For the first time at the 9th Conference on Clifford Algebras and their Applications in Mathematical Physics (ICCA) in Weimar (Germany) the W. K. Clifford Prize will be awarded. This is a new type of international scientific prize for young researchers. The prize intends to encourage young researchers to compete for excellence in theoretical and applied Clifford algebras, their analysis and geometry. Moreover, the award promotes solid research in mathematics, physics and the applied sciences. In the future this prize will be awarded at each ICCA, i.e. every 3 years.

For the ICCA 2011 in Weimar an International Prize Committee is appointed by the international ICCA advisory board. The International Committee is responsible for the selection procedure and has a size of 5-7 persons (each research direction has at least one representative). It has a secretary without a vote. The secretary of the International Committee prepares all proposals for the evaluation by the International Committee. If a former student (Ph.D. thesis only) of an International Committee member is seriously considered, such a member shall not continue to serve on the International Committee for its final decision. The International Committee secretary will communicate the final decision to the chair of the ICCA, who in turn will inform the awardee.

Details of Nomination

  1. Age limit of 35 years: A candidate’s 35th birthday must not occur before January 1st of the year of the ICCA conference at which the Clifford Prize is awarded.
  2. New and serious work in theory or application or both. The work should be accepted for publication in listed peer reviewed international scientific journals.
  3. The International Committee evaluates candidates on the basis of reference letters.
  4. Candidates can be nominated by anyone to the International Committee. Self-nominations are also welcome. The nomination letter should contain (preferably as PDF files):
    1. CV.
    2. Description of the candidates work and his principal contributions.
    3. Names of four referees, who may be contacted.
    4. One letter of recommendation by a referee (who can be one of the four aforementioned referees).
  5. Nominations shall be sent to the International Committee secretary(*) until 28 February 2011. Incomplete sets of nomination documents or late submissions will not be considered.

The Award consists of a written certificate and the amount of 1000 Euro. The International Committee and the chair of the ICCA are responsible for the award ceremony. There will be a special ICCA plenary lecture given by the awardee.

(*) Name and address of the International Committee secretary for 2011:
Eckhard Hitzer, Department of Applied Physics
University of Fukui, 3-9-1 Bunkyo, 910-8507 Fukui, Japan
Email: hitzer@mech.u-fukui.ac.jp
N.B.: The email subject must be: “W.K. Clifford Prize nomination”.

Source: http://euklid.bauing.uni-weimar.de/ICCA9/cliffordprize.htm, as of 22 January 2011.


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