AACA, Contents of Vol. 20, Issue 3-4

Springer Sunday, 23 October 2010

New Issue Alert (relevant parts)

Dear Eckhard Hitzer,

We are pleased to deliver your requested table of contents alert for Advances in Applied Clifford Algebras.

Volume 20 Number 3-4 is now available on SpringerLink

Waldyr Alves Rodrigues & Jayme Vaz

Computation of Non-Commutative Gröbner Bases in Grassmann and Clifford Algebras
Rafal Ablamowicz

Clifford Algebra Applied to Grover’s Algorithm
Rafael Alves & Carlile Lavor

Clifford Algebra Bundles to Multidimensional Image Segmentation
Thomas Batard & Michel Berthier

Quantum/Classical Interface: Classical Geometric Origin of Fermion Spin
W. E. Baylis, R. Cabrera & J. D. Keselica

Hyperbolic Quaternion Formulation of Electromagnetism
Süleyman Demir, Murat Tan??l? & Nuray Candemir

Degenerate Spin Groups as Semi-Direct Products
Tekin Dereli, ?ahin Koçak & Murat Limoncu

Hyperbolic Extensions of Integral Formulas
Sirkka-Liisa Eriksson

Clifford Analysis Solution of the Electromagnetic Boundary Value Problem in a Gravitational Background Vacuum
Ghislain R. Franssens

About the Structure of Meson Algebras
Jacques Helmstetter & Artibano Micali

Interactive 3D Space Group Visualization with CLUCalc and the Clifford Geometric Algebra Description of Space Groups
Eckhard Hitzer & Christian Perwass

The Energy-Momentum Tensor in Premetric Electrodynamics
Bernard Jancewicz

On the Spectrum of the Twisted Dolbeault Laplacian on Line Bundles over Kähler Manifolds
Marcos Jardim & Rafael Leão

Noncommutativity and Parametrization of Fields: The Scalar Electrodynamics Case
L. Roman Juarez, Marcos Rosenbaum & J. David Vergara

Semiclassical Pseudodifferential Operators and the Atiyah-Singer Index Theorem
Paul Loya

An Approach to Models of Order-Disorder and Ising Lattices
J. ?awrynowicz, S. Marchiafava & A. Niemczynowicz

Variational Formulation for Quaternionic Quantum Mechanics
C. A. M. de Melo & B. M. Pimentel

On the Dirac and Spin-Dirac Operators
E. A. Notte-Cuello

On the Unification of Interactions by Clifford Algebra
Matej Pav�i?

On Directional Hilbert Operators for Regular Quaternionic Functions on $${\mathbb R}^3$$
Alessandro Perotti

Quaternionic Analysis, Elliptic Problems and a Physical Application of the Dbar Formalism
D. A. Pinotsis

Oscillatory Movements and Dual Quaternions
Rafael Reséndiz

ELKO, Flagpole and Flag-Dipole Spinor Fields, and the Instanton Hopf Fibration
R. da Rocha & J. M. Hoff da Silva

Killing Vector Fields, Maxwell Equations and Lorentzian Spacetimes
Waldyr A. Rodrigues

Clifford Algebra, its Generalizations, and Applications to Quantum Information and Computing
Thalanayar S. Santhanam

Dynamic Geometric Graph Processes: Adjacency Operator Approach
René Schott & G. Stacey Staples

Exponential and Cayley Maps for Dual Quaternions
J. M. Selig

Clifford Algebras and the Minimal Representations of the 1D N-Extended Supersymmetry Algebra
Francesco Toppan

An Algebraic Remark on Clifford Algebras and Differential Operators
Alexandre Trovon

Robot Perception and Handling Actions Using the Conformal Geometric Algebra Framework
Julio Zamora-Esquivel & Eduardo Bayro-Corrochano


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