7th Symp. on Cliff. Anal. and Appl., ICNAAM, 19-20 Sep. 2010, Rhodes, Greece

7th Symposium on Clifford Analysis and Applications
19 – 20 September 2010, ICNAAM 2010, Rhodes, Greece


G.Tomaz, H.R.Malonek
Special Block Matrices and Multivariate Polynomials

I. Cação
Monogenic generalized Hermite polynomials and associated Hermite‐Bessel functions

W. Sprößig
Application of quaternionic analysis for a class of non‐linear boundary value problems

H. De Ridder, H. De Schepper, F. Sommen
The Cauchy‐Kovalevskaya Extension Theorem in Discrete Clifford Analysis

F. Brackx, D. Eelbode, L. Van de Voorde and P. Van Lancker
On the fundamental solution and integral formulae of a higher spin operator in several vector variables

D. Eelbode, D. Smid
Polynomial invariants for general Higher Spin Dirac operators: a toy model

H. De Schepper, D. Eelbode and T. Raeymaekers
On an inductive construction of higher spin Dirac operators

L. Krump
On generalised Dolbeault sequence for four Dirac operators in dimension 6

E. E. A. Sultan, M. M. Mustafa and E. S. Zahran
Using Tensor Momentum Dependent Deuteron Potential to Extract The Asymptotic D/S Ratio

T. Ernst
Numerical estimation of convergence regions for functions of a q‐complex variable

Z. Vlasakova
Symmetries of the CR sublaplacian

Invited: Helmuth Robert Malonek
On Special Functions in the Context of Clifford Analysis and some Applications in Combinatorics

Invited: Fred Brackx
Two Powerful Theorems in Clifford Analysis

S. Bock
Orthogonal Appell bases in dimensions 2, 3 and 4

F. Brackx, H. De Schepper, R. Lávicka and V. Soucek
Gel’fand‐Tsetlin procedure for the construction of orthogonal bases in Hermitean Clifford analysis

M. Abul‐Ez, M. Saleem
On polynomial series expansions of Cliffordian functions

J. Morais, H. T. Le and W. Sprößig
Approximation of monogenic functions by means of monogenic
polynomials in R^4

K. Gürlebeck and J. Morais
On the construction of harmonic conjugates in the context of quaternionic analysis

K. Gürlebeck
On some function theoretic theorems in higher dimensions

E. Hitzer
Angles between subspaces computed in Clifford Algebra

F. Brackx, H. De Schepper, R. Lávicka and V. Soucek
Fischer decompositions of kernels of Hermitean Dirac operators

K. Coulembier
The orthosymplectic Lie supergroup in harmonic analysis

D. Constales, R. De Almeida and R. S. Kraußhar
On a generalization of Valiron’s inequality for k‐hypermonogenic functions on upper half‐space

Source: 06 October 2010, adapted from program http://www.icnaam.org/docs/Program_ICNAAM_2010_Draft.pdf


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