C. Brannen: Spin Path Integrals and Generations

C. Brannen: Spin Path Integrals and Generations
accepted at Foundations of Physics

This paper uses Geometric Algebra techniques, but it is written using Pauli spin matrices.

The spin of a free electron is stable but its position is not. Recent quantum information research by G. Svetlichny, J. Tolar, and G. Chadzitaskos have shown that the Feynman position path integral can be mathematically defined as a product of incompatible states; that is, as a product of mutually unbiased bases (MUBs). Since the more common use of MUBs is in finite dimensional Hilbert spaces, this raises the question “what happens when spin path integrals are computed over products of MUBs?” Such an assumption makes spin no longer stable. We show that the usual spin-1/2 is obtained in the long-time limit in three orthogonal solutions that we associate with the three elementary particle generations. We give applications to the masses of the elementary leptons.

Thank you,
Carl Brannen

Source: Email by C. Brannen of 6 June 2010 (carl_at_brannenworks.com)

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