AGACSE Abstract Deadline Now 29 March 2010

Dear Geometers,

AGACSE2010 is approaching! Exciting abstracts are coming in for the March 15 deadline, and some of you have already registered for the conference.

From the form of the submissions we note that there is some confusion on deadline, format and route. We realize that this has been caused by many of you referring to our old site (via Google), which server problems prevented us from removing or updating.

Because of this, we are EXTENDING OUR ABSTRACT DEADLINE TO MARCH 29, 2010.

Just to straighten things out:

– We are asking for 2-4 page abstracts (in PDF), and for fair comparison during the review process it would be good if all of you could adhere to that format. (The accepted abstracts will appear on the conference CD/memory stick.)

– Abstracts should be submitted electronically via the website

This gives us all the information we need to process it electronically. It will expedite the review process, and facilitates informing you of the result. (Moreover, we will both be hard to reach by email between March 18 and March 29.)

– Please feel free to upgrade your submission, by resubmitting under the same title.

– We still expect to be able to notify you of acceptance by April 30.

– Registration should be done via

This site also contains a link to a hotel reservation service which you may find useful.

Bring ’em on!

Leo Dorst
Joan Lasenby

AGACSE2010, June 14-16 in Amsterdam: ELECTRONIC ABSTRACT SUBMISSION only via

I am on a geometric algebra sabbatical in Auckland, New Zealand, and will return to Amsterdam May 25, 2010.

Source: Email by L. Dorst, of Sunday, March 14, 2010 11:22:20 AMc


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