V. Skala: Proceedings and Photos of GraVisMa 2009

Proceedings and Photos of GraVisMa 2009

by Vaclav Skala (skala_at_kiv.zcu.cz)
12 September 2009

Dear friends,

I hope that it was a nice time in Plzen. I hope that GraVisMa workshop was productive for you and I do hope we will meet somewhere again. I will try to keep you in touch.

I hope you got back safely and enjoying life at your working place.

I will keep the GraVisMa pages updated – I put there a common photo and proceedings if you would like to use them, feel free to download both.

Please, disseminate info about GraVisMa workshop around you.



GraVisMa 2009 homepage: http://geometryalgebra.zcu.cz/GraVisMa/
GraVisMa Extended Abstracts Proceedings [3,2 MB]: http://geometryalgebra.zcu.cz/GraVisMa/!_2009_GraVisMa_Abstract_proceedings.pdf


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