B. Eyheramendy: Tool for easy learning of Geometric Algebra

A simple tool to make easy learning geometric algebra

by Bernard Eyheramendy
Date: Tues, Aug 25 2009 1:43pm

I am novice with geometric algebra, and have developed a simple tool, EVA, to help me understand this large matter. This tool is working under a nice software named SpaceTime running on windows, mac, windows ce ( pocket PC like ipaq, Dell axiom etc ..). This tool is available for anybody interested by geometric algebra. I have checked my tool by comparing the computing results with Clical (from P. Lounesto). I need your help to be sure that what I wrote on my EVA site (beyhfr.free.fr) is correct, what parts need to be enhanced, and suggestions to complete the tool. My goal with EVA is to make available to anybody interrested, a simple software for learning GA, with easy customisation (don’t need C++ expertise) and user friendly interface. SpaceTime is a good substitute for Mapple or Mathematica if no professional use. Programming language is easy to learn (about 1 day), and allow symbolic computation (not possible with Clical, GaViewver …). OpenGl.support for 3D graphics need some enhancement to get nice presentation as (specialized) GAViewver or CLUcalc, A 30 day trial version is available at http://www.spacetime.us. EVA. and EVA_tutorial may be downloaded from www.spacetime.us/graphbook/files.

Thanks for your help.


Source: http://groups.google.com/group/geometric_algebra?hl=en (26 August 2009)


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