C. Castro: p-Branes and Diff. in p+1 Dim.

p-Branes as Antisymmetric Nonabelian Tensorial Gauge Field Theories of Diffeomorphisms in p + 1 dimensions

by Carlos Castro
Department of Physics
Texas Southern University, Houston, Texas. 77004
submitted to the Journal of Mathematical Physics,
August, 2009

Long ago, Bergshoeff, Sezgin, Tanni and Townsend have shown that the light-cone gauge-fixed action of a super p-brane belongs to a new kind of supersymmetric gauge theory of p-volume preserving diffeomorphisms (diffs) associated with the p-spatial dimensions of the extended object. These authors conjectured that this new kind of supersymmetric gauge theory must be related to an infinite-dim nonabelian antisymmetric gauge theory. It is shown in this work how this new theory should be part of an underlying antisymmetric nonabelian tensorial gauge field theory of p + 1-dimensional diffs (upon supersymmetrization) associated with the world volume evolution of the p-brane. We conclude by embedding the latter theory into a more fundamental one based on the Clifford-space geometry of the p-brane configuration space.

Antisymmetric Nonabelian Tensor Gauge Theories, Diffeomorphisms,
Clifford spaces, strings, branes, Yang-Mills, large N limit, n-ary algebras.

Download: http://www.scribd.com/doc/18485028/Branes-as-Antisymmetric-Nonabelian-Gauge-Theories-of-p1dim-Diffs-

Source: Wed, 8/12/09, Carlos Castro (czarlosromanov_at_yahoo.com),


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