AACA, Contents of Vol. 19 (2)

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In Memoriam Jarolim Bure�� (1942–2006)
Author(s) Richard Delanghe
DOI 10.1007/s00006-009-0170-7
Page 161 – 162

Fischer Decomposition and Cauchy Kernel for Dunkl–Dirac operators
Author(s) Gil Bernardes, Paula Cerejeiras, Uwe Kähler
DOI 10.1007/s00006-009-0151-x
Page 163 – 171

Spherical Singular Integrals, Monogenic Kernels and Wavelets on the Three-Dimensional Sphere
Author(s) Swanhild Bernstein
DOI 10.1007/s00006-009-0149-4
Page 173 – 189

On a Polynomial Basis Generated from the Generalized Kolosov–Muskhelishvili Formulae
Author(s) S. Bock, K. Gürlebeck
DOI 10.1007/s00006-009-0156-5
Page 191 – 209

The Hermitean Hilbert–Dirac Connection
Author(s) F. Brackx, B. De Knock, H. De Schepper
DOI 10.1007/s00006-009-0150-y
Page    211 – 224

A Functional Calculus for n-Tuples of Noncommuting Operators
Author(s) Fabrizio Colombo, Irene Sabadini, Daniele C. Struppa
DOI 10.1007/s00006-009-0163-6
Page     225 – 236

Invariant Operators Between Spaces of h-Monogenic Polynomials
Author(s) Alberto Damiano, David Eelbode
DOI 10.1007/s00006-009-0155-6
Page     237 – 251

The Generalized Clifford-Gegenbauer Polynomials Revisited
Author(s) Nele De Schepper
DOI 10.1007/s00006-009-0152-9
Page     253 – 268

An Improved Cauchy Formula for Hypermonogenic Functions
Author(s) Sirkka-Liisa Eriksson, Heinz Leutwiler
DOI 10.1007/s00006-009-0153-8
Page 269 – 282

Hyperbolic Function Theory in the Clifford Algebra $${\mathcal {C}}\ell_{n+1, 0}$$
Author(s) Sirkka-Liisa Eriksson, Heikki Orelma
DOI     10.1007/s00006-009-0157-4
Page     283 – 301

Factorizations of Möbius Gyrogroups
Author(s) M. Ferreira
DOI 10.1007/s00006-009-0154-7
Page     303 – 323

On Some Categories and Functors in the Theory of Quaternionic Bergman Spaces
Author(s) J. O. González-Cervantes, M. E. Luna-Elizarrarás, M. Shapiro
DOI 10.1007/s00006-009-0164-5
Page 325 – 338

Carrier Method for the General Evaluation and Control of Pose, Molecular Conformation, Tracking, and

the Like
Author(s) Eckhard Hitzer, Kanta Tachibana, Sven Buchholz, Isseki Yu
DOI 10.1007/s00006-009-0160-9
Page    339 – 364

A Resolution for the Dirac Operator in Four Variables in Dimension 6
Author(s) Luk� Krump
DOI     10.1007/s00006-009-0169-0
Page 365 – 374

On the Derivatives of Quaternionic Functions Along Two-Dimensional Planes
Author(s) M. E. Luna-Elizarrarás, M. A. Macías-Cedeño, M. Shapiro
DOI    10.1007/s00006-009-0165-4
Page        375 – 390

p-Dirac Operators
Author(s) Craig A. Nolder, John Ryan
DOI 10.1007/s00006-009-0162-7
Page    391 – 402

The Howe Duality for the Dunkl Version of the Dirac Operator
Author(s) Bent Ørsted, Petr Somberg, Vladimír Sou��ek
DOI    10.1007/s00006-009-0166-3
Page    403 – 415

Domains of Existence of Polymonogenic Functions
Author(s) Victor Palamodov
DOI    10.1007/s00006-009-0158-3
Page    417 – 425

Nonregular Boundary Problems for Elliptic Systems
Author(s) Viktor Palamodov, Nikolai Tarkhanov
DOI    10.1007/s00006-009-0159-2
Page    427 – 440

Every Biregular Function Is a Biholomorphic Map
Author(s) Alessandro Perotti
DOI    10.1007/s00006-009-0161-8
Page    441 – 451

Fluid Flow Equations with Thermal Effects in Complex-Quaternionic Setting
Author(s) W. Sprößig
DOI    10.1007/s00006-009-0167-2
Page    453 – 466

Spherical Monogenics: An Algebraic Approach
Author(s) P. Van Lancker
DOI    10.1007/s00006-009-0168-1
Page    467 – 496

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