C. Castro: Clifford Space Geom. – Pioneer and Flyby Anomalies

The Clifford Space Geometry behind the Pioneer and Flyby Anomalies

by Carlos Castro
Department of Physics
Texas Southern University, Houston, Texas. 77004
June, 2009


It is rigorously shown how the Extended Relativity Theory in Clifford spaces (C-spaces) can explain the variable radial dependence a_p(r) of the Pioneer anomaly; its sign (pointing towards the sun); why planets don’t experience the anomalous acceleration and why the present day value of the Hubble scale R_H appears. It is the curvature-spin coupling of the planetary motions that hold the key. The difference in the rate at which clocks tick in C-space translates into the C-space analog of Doppler shifts which may explain the anomalous redshifts in Cosmology, where objects which are not that far apart from each other exhibit very different redshifts. We conclude by showing how the empirical formula for the Flybys anomalies obtained by Anderson et al [10] can be derived within the framework of Clifford geometry.

Keywords: Extended Relativity in Clifford Spaces, Clifford Algebras, Pioneer and Flybys Anomaly.


Source: Carlos Castro Email (15 June 2009, czarlosromanov_at_yahoo.com)


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