Video lectures of ICCA8, Las Campinas, Brazil, 2008

Dear Participant of ICCA8,

The web site of ICCA8 has been updated including the videos of talks
delivered at IMECC’s auditorium. Visit
and click on “videos” for the list of the talks available for download.

W. Rodrigues & J. Vaz

Source of Information:

Below is a copy of the list of available titles:

Ablamowicz, R. – Computation of Non Commutative Gröbner Basis in Grassmann and Clifford Algebras (329 MB)

Batard, T. – nD Images as Clifford Bundles Sections – Application to Segmentation (156 MB)

Baylis, W. – Quantum/Classical Interface: A Classical Geometric Origin of Fermion Spin (338 MB)

Bayro, E. – Conformal Geometric Algebra for Robot Physics (341 MB)

Brackx, F. – Hermitian Clifford Analysis (356 MB)

Conradt, O. – From Projective to Geometric Algebra (335 MB)

Czachor, M. – Geometric-Algebra Teleportation of Geometric Structures (309 MB)

De Schepper, H. – The Hilbert-Dirac Operator on R^{2n} in Hermitian Clifford Analysis (177 MB)

Franssens, G. – Clifford Analysis Solution of the Electromagnetic Boundary Value Problem in a Gravitational Background Vacuum (254 MB)

Helmstetter, J. – Lipschitz Groups in Meson Algebras (182 MB)

Hestenes, D. – The Geometry of the Electron Clock (354 MB)

Hitzer, E. – Geometric Roots of -1 (188 MB)

Hitzer. E. – The Interactive 3D Space Group Visualizer Based on Clifford Geometric Algebra Description of Space Groups (363 MB)

Jancewicz, B. – The Energy-Momentum Tensor in Premetric Electrodynamics (194 MB)

Jardim, M. – Twisted Dirac Operators on Asymptotically Locally Flat Gravitational Instantons (176 MB)

Krump, L. – Three Dirac Operators in the Stable Rank (162 MB)

Kuznetsova, Z. – Clifford Algebras and Non (anti)commutative Deformations of Supersymmetry (153 MB)

Lasenby, A. – Applications of Geometric Algebra in Cosmology and Physics (372 MB)

Leão, R. – On the Spectrum of the Twisted Doubeault Laplacian over Kähler Manifolds (147 MB)

Limoncu, M. – Degenerate Spin Groups as Semi-Direct Products (61 MB)

Loya, P. – Witten’s Holonomy Theorem on Manifolds with Corners (281 MB)

Macías, M. – On the Notions of Hyperderivative and n-dimensional Directional Derivatives (185 MB)

Marmolejo, E. – Hardy Spaces, Singular Integrals and the Geometry of Euclidean Domains (237 MB)

Micali, A. – The Graded Structure of Nondegenerate Meson Algebras (155 MB)

Mosna, R. – Latent Symmetries of the Dirac-Kähler Equation and the Electroweak Interactions (203 MB)

Notte, E. – The Square of the Dirac and Spin-Dirac Operators on a Riemann-Cartan Space (149 MB)

Pavsic, M. – On the Unification of Interactions by Clifford Algebra (378 MB)

Perotti, A. – On Directional Quaternionic Hilbert Operators (149 MB)

Pinotsis, D. – Quaternions, Boundary Value Problems and Evaluation of Integrals (153 MB)

Rocha, R. – Geometric Aspects of ELKO Spinor Fields: Pure Spinors, Supergravity and Flagpoles (192 MB)

Rochon, D. – On a Generalized Fatou-Julia Theorem in Multicomplex Spaces (314 MB)

Rodrigues, W. – Killing Vector Fields, Maxwell Equations and Lorentzian Spacetimes (203 MB)

Santhanam, T. – Generalized Clifford Algebras, Unbiased Quantum States, and Quantum Information (361 MB)

Selig, J. – Exponential and Cayley Maps for Dual Quaternions (193 MB)

Smid, D. – Polynomial Invariants for Rarita-Schwinger Representations (162 MB)

Snygg, J. – Did Copernicus Incorporate some Arab Innovations for Describing Planetary Motion into his Work Without Acknowledgment? (320 MB)

Souza, F. – Graphical Calculi and Categories with Additional Structure (216 MB)

Sproessig, W. – Hydrodynamics with Thermal and Magnetic Effects in Complex Quaternionic Setting (282 MB)

Staples, G. – Clifford Algebras, Graph Problems, and Computational Complexity (302 MB)

Stolfi, J. – Oriented Projective Geometry (178 MB)

Tolksdorf, J. – Twisted Clifford Bundles, Gravity and the Mass of the Higgs Boson (328 MB)

Tremblay, S. – Hyperbolic Pseudoanalytic Function Theory and the Klein-Gordon Equation (425 MB)

Vergara, J. – Noncommutative Field Theory and Twisted Symmetries (280 MB)


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