Grassmann 200Y Conf., 16-19 Sep 2009, Potsdam/DE + Szczecin/PL

From Past to Future: Grassmann’s Work in Context (Update)

Grassmann Bicentennial Conference
(1809 – 1877)
September 16 – 19, 2009  Potsdam / Szczecin  (DE / PL)

Dear colleagues,

I would like to wish you a happy and successful year 2009, also on behalf of the co-organizers of our conference.

Our conference on Graßmann will take place this year and I am convinced that autumn will bring us the fruit of our work.

Last news you find on our web pages:

Thanks to the universities of Potsdam and Szczecin, and thanks to the German Ministry of Education and Research, we have already received some financial support for the conference. The patronage of Dr. Manfred Stolpe, Prime minister of the State of Brandenburg from 1990 to 2002, will help mobilize the public to learn more about Graßmann. The final decision by the German Research Foundation on funding our conference is due by the end of January. The conference has already generated widely spread interest, which makes me feel optimistic about our meeting. Now it’s time to get down to business.

Firstly, I would like to ask everybody who has not yet sent me the topic of their contribution to do so until the end of January. I need this information urgently in order to plan the sessions’ timing and structure.

Secondly, I kindly ask you to register by filling out the following form. Please transfer the conference fee to the conference bank account (see below). The deadline for registration is March 31. The conference fee can be refunded if you are unable to participate. Also, we urgently need to know about your participation in the Szczecin Conference Day, so that our Polish colleagues have to time to prepare our stay there.

Thirdly, I ask you to submit an abstract of your talk (max. 400 words) by May 31.

Until July 31 you may book a hotel room (between September 13 and September 20) at special rates in the Kongresshotel Potsdam (61 Euros per night, including breakfast). If you want to book, please fill out the form below.

I am looking forward to the conference and would be more than pleased to hear from you.

Sincerely yours,
Hans-Joachim Petsche

– January 31:  Submission of the working title of your contribution
– March 31:     End of the registration period
– May 31:        Submission of the abstract (max. 400 words)

For registration you can send back this mail with the completed form below.

Registration and Conference Fee

By 31 March we would like to have your definitive registrations, so as to make it easier for us to plan the further logistics of the conference.

NAME:                       ______________________________________________

FIRST NAME:                 ______________________________________________

TITLE/POSITION:            ______________________________________________

AFFILIATION:                 ______________________________________________

STREET:                       ______________________________________________

CITY:                             ____________________     POST CODE: ____________

PROV/STATE:               ____________________      COUNTRY:  _____________

E-MAIL:                         _______________________________________________


Please indicate your choice of sessions below:

Potsdam / Germany

Wednesday, September 16   [  ]
Thursday,     September 17   [  ]
Friday,          September 18  [  ]

Szczecin / Poland                (Transfer, Catering and Farewell dinner cost-free)

Saturday,     September 19   [  ]

Conference fees:

Full Conference Fee                         100 Euro
Students, teachers, pensioners     50 Euro
One-day attendance                           35 Euro
Reduced one-day attendance        20 Euro

Please pay by bank to the following account:

Bank:                              Deutsche Bundesbank/Filiale Berlin
Account owner:          Landeshauptkasse
BIC-SWIFT:                        MARKDEF 1100
IBAN:                                 DE02 1000 000 000 1600 1500
Reason for payment:            06100-20289-21049101 Grassmann / „Your Last Name“

Make sure that the Reason for payment: – “06100-20289-21049101 Grassmann” –
completed by your last name – appears on the bank transfer.

Please avoid sending cheques.  We regret that credit card facilities are not available. The money transfer charge has to be paid by the sender.  A copy of Conference Fee payment should be send to

FINANCIAL SUPPORT: Limited financial support is available upon request for participants. We try to give all people who are interested in participating the possibility to come to our conference. In case you need some support please mail to

If you dont want to use this mail for registration you also can use the forms on our internet pages:

Best regards
Hans-Joachim Petsche

Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Petsche
Institut fuer Philosophie
Universitaet Potsdam
Am Neuen Palais 10
14469 Potsdam

Compare also previous circulars: 2nd circular, 1st circular


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