C. Castro: E8 Gauge Theory of Gravity in D=8

An Exceptional E8 Gauge Theory of Gravity in D = 8, Clifford Spaces and Grand Unification

Carlos Castro
Center for Theoretical Studies of Physical Systems
Clark Atlanta University, Atlanta, GA. 30314, castro_at_ctps.cau.edu
September 2008, Submitted to Annals of Physics

A candidate action for an Exceptional E8 gauge theory of gravity in 8D
is constructed. It is obtained by recasting the E8 group as the semi-direct
product of GL(8,R) with a deformed Weyl-Heisenberg group associated
with canonical-conjugate pairs of vectorial and antisymmetric tensorial
generators of rank two and three. Other actions are provided, like the
quartic E8 group-invariant action in 8D associated with the Chern-Simons
E8 gauge theory defined on the 7-dim boundary of a 8D bulk. To finalize,
it is shown how the E8 gauge theory of gravity can be embedded into a
more general extended gravitational theory in Clifford spaces associated
with the Cl(16) algebra and providing a solid geometrical program of a
grand-unification of gravity with Yang-Mills theories.

Keywords: C-space Gravity, Clifford Algebras, Grand Unification, Exceptional
algebras, String Theory.


Source: C. Castro (Email of 3 Oct. 2008)


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