Grassmann 200Y Conf., 16-19 Sep., 2009, Potsdam/DE + Szczecin/PL

From Past to Future: Grassmann’s Work in Context

Grassmann Bicentennial Conference (1809 – 1877)
September 16 – 19, 2009 Potsdam / Szczecin (DE / PL)

We are very delighted that the idea of a Grassmann Bicentennial Conference found a broad and positive echo in the scientific community across the world. Following our first call, interest in participating was expressed by philosophers of science and mathematics, historians of science, teachers, logicians, mathematicians, computer scientists, engineers, physicists, chemists, linguists, and indologians. This will be a truely interdisciplinary event! The conference will be held

from September 16 to 19, 2009, in Potsdam and Szczecin.

The first three days will be held in Potsdam, and a two-way video-conference connection will be established between Potsdam and Szczecin. The last day of the conference will be hosted by Szczecin University, with the bus transfer from Potsdam to Szczecin sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. In Szczecin we will also make a trip along the “paths of Hermann Grassmann”. One of his school buildings is still in a good condition and hosts a secondary school; there is also a memorial to Grassmann at the entrance to the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics.

The talks will be organized in the following four topic areas:

1. Historical contexts of Grassmann’s Creativity.
Session Chairs: Ivor Grattan-Guinness (UK),
Włodzimierz Stępiński (PL) / invited

2. Diversity of Grassmann’s Influence.
Session Chairs: Peter Simons (IE),
Volker Peckhaus (DE)

3. Through the ages: Present and future of Grassmann’s Ideas.
Session Chairs: Albrecht Beutelspacher (DE),
Kleber Mundim (BR)

4. Grassmann and his hometown: From Past to Future.
Session Chair: Edward Włodarczyk (PL) / invited

Conference languages will be English and German.

Given the initial feedback, we believe that the conference will present a rich variety of previously unseen perspectives.

We plan to get financial support, so that all participants who are able to contribute can attend the conference personally. Details will be posted on this website later. Every idea that can help is welcome and appreciated!

Conference fees include admission to all conference sessions, three lunches/teas/coffees, and
conference materials.

  • Full Conference Fee: 100 €
  • Reduced Conference Fee (students, teachers, pensioners): 50 €
  • One-day attendance: 35 €
  • Reduced one-day attendance: 20 €


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