Perwass & Hitzer: 3D Space Group Visualization with CLUCalc

New (06 March 2012): full software download | tutorial videos | tutorial presentation | introduction paper

Interactive 3D Space Group Visualization with CLUCalc based on Geometric Algebra

by Christian Perwass and Eckhard Hitzer

Accepted for: AGACSE 2008, Leipzig/Germany, 17-19 August 2008.

Abstract: The Space Group Visualizer (SGV) for all 230 3D space groups is a standalone PC application based on the visualization software CLUCalc. We first explain the unique geometric algebra structure behind the SGV. In the second part we review the main features of the SGV, including: (a) Its relation to the Int. Tables for Cryst., Vol. A; (b) Selection of crystal families, classes, and individual space groups; (c) Symmetry selection by type, angle, translation, orientation, location, generator; (d) Available cell types; (e) Mouse control to rotate/translate visualization; (f) Symmetry (mouse) interaction: animation, selection by type, removal; (g) Rotation/motion of general positions; (h) Toolbar functions: general positions, size of general position symbols, lattice, number of cells in view, generator vectors, cell angles and lengths, reflection plane size; (i) Visualization modes: full screen, orthographic projection, animated general positions, reset, color and lighting; (j) Image production.


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