ICCA7 (Toulouse 2005) Proceedings in AACA Online 1st

The first 27 papers of




are now available in Advances of Applied Clifford Algebras Journal Online First.

1. On Hyperbolic Function Theory
Sirkka-Liisa Eriksson and Heinz Leutwiler

2. Quantum Fractals. Geometric Modeling of Quantum Jumps with Conformal Maps
Arkadiusz Jadczyk

3. Some Ways to Secure Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems
Mustapha Hedabou, Lucien Be’ne’teau and Pierre Pinel

4. Spherical Wavelet Transform
Milton Ferreira

5. Clifford Modules and Twisted K -Theory
Max Karoubi

6. Geometric Tri-Product of the Spin Domain and Clifford Algebras
Yaakov Friedman

7. Non-Localisation des E’lectrons en Mouvement
Gaston Casanova

8. Premetric Electrodynamics
Bernard Jancewicz

9. START : Inventio Principia Geometrica Physicae
Jaime Keller

10. On a Class of Inner Spherical Monogenics and their Primitives
Richard Delanghe

11. Quadratic Forms over \mathbbZZ from Diophantus to the 290 Theorem
Alexander J. Hahn

12. The Barut Second-Order Equation: Lagrangian, Dynamical Invariants and Interactions
Valeri V. Dvoeglazov

13. Exponentials of Bivectors and their Symplectic Counterparts
Jacques Helmstetter

14. Inverse Kinematics Computation in Computer Graphics and Robotics Using Conformal Geometric Algebra
Dietmar Hildenbrand, Julio Zamora and Eduardo Bayro-Corrochano

15. The Application of a Discrete Function Theory to the Solution of the Navier-Stokes Equations
Nelson Faustino

16. Clifford Fourier Transform on Multivector Fields and Uncertainty Principles for Dimensions n = 2 (mod 4) and n = 3 (mod 4)
Eckhard M. S. Hitzer and Bahri Mawardi

17. A Spin Gauge Model of a Family of Particles
J. S. Roy Chisholm and Ruth S. Farwell

18. Oriented Conformal Geometric Algebra
Jonathan Cameron and Joan Lasenby

19. Twistors in Geometric Algebra
Elsa Arcaute, Anthony Lasenby and Chris Doran

20. The Hermitian Clifford Analysis Toolbox
Fred Brackx, Hennie De Schepper and Frank Sommen

21. Parabolic Geometries Related with Several Fueter Operators
Jaroli’m Bures

22. Clifford Algebras and Matrix Factorizations
Jose’ Bertin

23. A Relativistic Algebraic Approach to the Q/C Interface: Implications for “Quantum Reality”
William E. Baylis

24. Geometrical Interpretation of the U(1), SU(2), SU(3) Gauges and of the Energy-Momentum Tensors in the Electron, Electroweak and Quark Chromodynamics Theories
Roger Boudet

25. Pseudo-Unitary Conformal Spin Structures
Pierre Angle`s

26. Geometric Algebra and Particle Dynamics
Jose’ B. Almeida

27. Wave-Functions for Spin-3/2 and Integer Spin Fields
Elsa Arcaute and Anthony Lasenby


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