Adv. in Appl. Cliff. Alg., Vol. 18(2)+Online First

Volume 18, Number 2 / May 12, 2008
Journal Advances in Applied Clifford Algebras
Publisher Birkhauser Basel
ISSN 0188-7009 (Print) 1661-4909 (Online)
Pages 135- 285

Source: springeralerts

In this issue:

On Gaston Casanova, pp. 135-138

Generalization of a Circular Property
by Gaston Casanova, pp. 193-142

Conjugated of Conics
by Gaston Casanova, pp. 143-146

Hartogs Extension Theorem for Functions with Values in Complex Clifford Algebras
by Ricardo Abreu Blaya and Juan Bory Reyes, pp. 147-151

Interior Multiplications and Deformations with Meson Algebras
by Jacques Helmstetter, pp. 153-196

The Graded Structure of Nondegenerate Meson Algebras
by Jacques Helmstetter and Artibano Micali, pp. 197-236

Unitary Spaces on Clifford Algebras
by N. G. Marchuk and D. S. Shirokov, pp. 237-254

Quelques Résultats sur les Algèbres Flexibles Préhilbertiennes sans Diviseurs de Zéro Vérifiant ∥ a 2∥ = ∥ a ∥2
by A. Moutassim, pp. 255-267

Sur les a Algèbres Préhilbertiennes Vérifiant ∥ a 2∥ ≤ ∥ a ∥2
by A. Moutassim and A. Rochdi, pp. 269-278

One-Parameter Plane Hyperbolic Motions
by Salim Yüce and Nuri Kuruoğlu, pp. 279 – 285

Online First™ ( 13 May 2008 )

1. The Hermitian Clifford Analysis Toolbox
by Fred Brackx, Hennie De Schepper and Frank Sommen

2. Add to marked items
Parabolic Geometries Related with Several Fueter Operators
by Jarolím Bureš

3. Clifford Algebras and Matrix Factorizations
by José Bertin

4. A Relativistic Algebraic Approach to the Q/C Interface: Implications for “Quantum Reality”
by William E. Baylis

5. Geometrical Interpretation of the U(1), SU(2), SU(3) Gauges and of the Energy-Momentum Tensors in the Electron, Electroweak and Quark Chromodynamics Theories
by Roger Boudet

6. Pseudo-Unitary Conformal Spin Structures
by Pierre Anglès

7. Geometric Algebra and Particle Dynamics
by José B. Almeida

8. Wave-Functions for Spin-3/2 and Integer Spin Fields
by Elsa Arcaute and Anthony Lasenby


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