Adv. in Appl. Cliff. Alg., Vol. 18(1)+Online First

Volume 18, Number 1 / February 07, 2008
Journal Advances in Applied Clifford Algebras
Publisher Birkhauser Basel
ISSN 0188-7009 (Print) 1661-4909 (Online)
Pages 1-133

Source: springeralerts

In this issue:

A Group of Involutions Characterizing a Clifford Algebra of Type $${mathcal{C}},{mathcal{L}}_{0,3}$$
by Ilie Burdujan, pp. 1 – 8

Commutative (Segre’s) Quaternion Fields and Relation with Maxwell Equations
by Francesco Catoni, pp. 9 – 28

High Spin Particles with Spin-Mass Coupling
by M. Daszkiewicz, Z. Hasiewicz, C. J. Walczyk, pp. 29 – 41

High-Spin Particles with Spin-Mass Coupling II
by M. Daszkiewicz, Z. Hasiewicz, T. Nikiciuk, C. J. Walczyk, pp. 43 – 56

First Observations on Prefab Posets’ Whitney Numbers
by A. Krzysztof Kwaśniewski, pp. 57 – 73

Norms and Generating Functions in Clifford Algebras
by G. Stacey Staples, pp. 75 – 92

Representations of Clifford Algebras with Hyperbolic Numbers
by S. Ulrych, pp. 93 – 114

The Pattern of Reality
by Robert G. Wallace, pp. 115 – 13

Online First:

Hartogs Extension Theorem for Functions with Values in Complex Clifford Algebras
by Ricardo Abreu Blaya and Juan Bory Reyes (Online First, February 26, 2008)


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