Adv. in Appl. Cliff. Alg., Vol. 17(4)+Online First

Volume 17, Number 4 / November, 2007
Journal Advances in Applied Clifford Algebras
Publisher Birkhauser Basel
ISSN 0188-7009 (Print) 1661-4909 (Online)
Pages 575-678
SpringerLink Date Wednesday, November 7, 2007

1. A Clifford Algebraic Framework for \mathfrak{sp}(m)-Invariant Differential Operators
by David Eelbode

2. Algebra Forms with d^N = 0 on Quantum Plane. Generalized Clifford Algebra Approach
by Viktor Abramov

3. Duality for Harmonic Differential Forms Via Clifford Analysis
bys Ricardo Abreu-Blaya, Juan Bory-Reyes, Richard Delanghe and Frank Sommen

4. Finite-Range Electromagnetic Interaction and Magnetic Charges Spacetime Algebra or Algebra of Physical Space?
by Carlo Cafaro

5. Formalization of the “Twin Paradox” for Non-uniformly Accelerated Motions
by Dino Boccaletti, Francesco Catoni and Vincenzo Catoni

6. Tensors, Spinors and Multivectors in the Petrov Classification
by Jose M. Pozo and Josep M. Parra

7. The Two-Parameter Higher-Order Differential Calculus and Curvature on a Quantum Plane
by M. El Baz, A. El Hassouni, Y. Hassouni and E. H. Zakkari

6 Online First papers (as of 27 November 2007)

1. High Spin Particles with Spin-Mass Coupling
by M. Daszkiewicz, Z. Hasiewicz and C. J. Walczyk

2. The Pattern of Reality
by Robert G. Wallace

3. Representations of Clifford Algebras with Hyperbolic Numbers
by S. Ulrych

4. A Group of Involutions Characterizing a Clifford Algebra of Type C L0,3
by Ilie Burdujan

5. Commutative (Segre’s) Quaternion Fields and Relation with Maxwell Equations
by Francesco Catoni

6. First Observations on Prefab Posets’ Whitney Numbers
by A. Krzysztof Kwasniewski


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