Quaternions and Geometric Algebra

Quaternions and Geometric Algebra (Quaternionen und Geometrische Algebra)

Martin Erik Horn

Abstract: In the last one and a half centuries, the analysis of quaternions has not only led to further developments in mathematics but has also been and remains an important catalyst for the further development of theories in physics. At the same time, Hestenes geometric algebra provides a didactically promising instrument to model phenomena in physics mathematically and in a tangible manner. Quaternions particularly have a catchy interpretation in the context of geometric algebra which can be used didactically. The relation between quaternions and geometric algebra is presented with a view to analysing its didactical possibilities.

Full paper: http://arxiv.org/ftp/arxiv/papers/0709/0709.2238.pdf

Comments: 22 pages, 7 figures, in English and German

Subjects: Physics Education

Journal: Volkhard Nordmeier, Arne Oberlaender (Eds.): Tagungs-CD des Fachverbandes Didaktik der Physik der DPG in Kassel, Beitrag 28.2, ISBN 978-3-86541-190-7, LOB – Lehmanns Media, Berlin 2006 (in German)


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