Space Group Visualizer 2.0 – Free Demo Version

New (06 March 2012): full software download | tutorial videos | tutorial presentation | introduction paper

Space groups are the symmetry groups of regular crystals 3D-Euclidean space. There exist 230 space groups in 3D space. The free Space Group Visualizer 2.0 software, which you can download from is a demo version whose functionality is close to that of the final version, but only includes a representative set of 12 space groups chosen from all 7 crystal classes. The final version is projected for the end of 2007.



Download the visualisation software installer (Windows)
Note: There is no need to install CLUCalc in order to use this software.

The initial version of this software was developed by C. Perwass and E. Hitzer during a visit of E. Hitzer at the university of Kiel in late summer 2005. The Geometric Algebra description of the symmetry operators is based on work by Jeremy Holt and David Hestenes.

The idea behind this software is to visualize the different space groups by drawing asymmetric elements at the general positions that are generated by the symmetries of a group. Once you have downloaded the program ‘SGVisualizerDemoSetup_070709.exe’, execute it in order to install the software. You will then find an icon on your desktop that allows you to start the program.

Main features of SGV 2.0

  • Closely related to T. Hahn (ed.), International Tables for Crystallography, Vol. A, 5th ed., Springer 2005.
  • Quick help guide (pdf) to explain main features.
  • Browser selection panel for 7 crystal families, crystal classes (point groups), individual space groups.
  • Detailed selection symmetry selection menu by type, angle, translation, orientation, location, generator expression.
  • Change cell type (IT cells, GA cell).
  • Mouse control to rotate/translate visualization.
  • Symmetry (mouse pointer) interaction: symmetry animation, symmetry type selection, symmetry removal, same type symmetry removal.
  • General position (mouse pointer) interaction: rotation/motion of general position symbols.
  • Toolbar (top icons): general positions on/off, vary size of gen. pos. symbols, lattice on/off, vary number of cells in view, generator vectors on/off, vary cell angles and lengths, vary reflection plane size.
  • Visualization modes: full screen, orthographic projection, animated general positions, reset, color schemes, stereo colors (cinema type stereo glasses needed).
  • Save current visualization as image file.

For more information visit:


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