M. Pavsic: Unified Generalized Branes

On a Unified Theory of Generalized Branes Coupled to Gauge Fields, Including the Gravitational and Kalb–Ramond Fields

by M. Pavsic

Jožef Stefan Institute, Jamova 39, Ljubljana, SI-1000, Slovenia
Foundations of Physics
Published online first: 1 May 2007.


We investigate a theory in which fundamental objects are branes described in terms of higher grade coordinates $$X^{\mu{_1}\ldots \mu{_n}}$$ encoding both the motion of a brane as a whole, and its volume evolution. We thus formulate a dynamics which generalizes the dynamics of the usual branes. Geometrically, coordinates $$X^{\mu{_1} \ldots \mu{_n}}$$ and associated coordinate frame fields $${\gamma_{\mu{_1}\ldots\mu{_n}}}$$ extend the notion of geometry from spacetime to that of an enlarged space, called Clifford space or C-space. If we start from four-dimensional spacetime, then the dimension of C-space is 16. The fact that C-space has more than four dimensions suggests that it could serve as a realization of Kaluza-Klein idea. The “extra dimensions” are not just the ordinary extra dimensions, they are related to the volume degrees of freedom, therefore they are physical, and need not be compactified. Gauge fields are due to the metric of Clifford space. It turns out that amongst the latter gauge fields there also exist higher grade, antisymmetric fields of the Kalb–Ramond type, and their non-Abelian generalization. All those fields are naturally coupled to the generalized branes, whose dynamics is given by a generalized Howe–Tucker action in curved C-space.

Keywords: Strings – branes – Clifford algebra – unification – Kaluza-Klein theories – gauge fields

Online version (with subscription) or online at arxiv .


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