New Book: Quaternions, Clifford Algebras and Relativistic Physics by P.R. Girard

As a contribution to the next GA-Net e-Newsletter I would like to mention the following new textbook:

Patrick R. Girard
Quaternions, Clifford Algebras and Relativistic Physics
2007, XII, 179 p., 2 illus., Softcover

ISBN 978-3-7643-7790-8

I think it could well fit to the subject of your newsletter.

Thank you and best regards,

Dorothy Mazlum

Marketing Associate
Birkhäuser Verlag AG
Viaduktstrasse 42
CH-4051 Basel

About this textbook


The use of Clifford algebras in mathematical physics and engineering has grown rapidly in recent years. Whereas other developments have privileged a geometric approach, this book uses an algebraic approach that can be introduced as a tensor product of quaternion algebras and provides a unified calculus for much of physics. It proposes a pedagogical introduction to this new calculus, based on quaternions, with applications mainly in special relativity, classical electromagnetism, and general relativity.

Written for:

Advanced undergraduate and graduate students, instructors, researchers in Algebra, Geometry and Physics



  • Clifford algebra
  • electromagnetism
  • quaternion
  • relativistic physics
  • rotation group
  • tensor product

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