Corfu ’07: Clifford Algebras in Math. and Appl. Sci.

we are going to organize the minisymposium
Clifford Algebras in Mathematics and Applied Sciences

at the
International Conference of Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics 2007

Corfu, Greece, 16-20 September 2007.
The Conference will take place at

On behalf of the Scientific Committee of this Conference it is a great pleasure
for us to invite you to come to Corfu and present some of your latest
results. We understand applications of Clifford algebras in a sufficiently wide
sense. The mathematical use of Clifford Algebras reaches from hypercomplex
analysis and differential geometry up to corresponding numerical methods.
Therefore we call especially for contributions with applications to gauge theories,
mathematical physics, image processing, robotics, learning geometric
algebras, camera models etc… but other related contributions are also welcome.
It would be a great honour for us to welcome you as participant in our
symposium. You will find all information on the conference website:

Special information about our symposium will be offered at:

We need as soon as possible a tentative title and an abstract of about 10
lines. Please send this either to (Klaus G¨urlebeck)
or to (Wolfgang Spr¨oßig)

We would be very much obliged if you decide to accept our invitation. If there
are any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Looking forward to
meeting you in Corfu.

With kind regards
Klaus G¨urlebeck
Wolfgang Spr oßig


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