Comp. Science with GA, WS schedule

International workshop for

“Computational Science with Geometric Algebra”

Workshop Session Schedule (2007-1-26):

2/20 Tuesday Chair: Eckhard .M.S. Hitzer, and Dietmar Hildenbrand
13:30 14:00 Wei Song (University of
On-line Stable Evolutionary Recognition Based on Unit Quaternion Representation by Motion-Feedforward Compensation
14:00 14:25 Daisuke Yamashiro (Nagoya
Development of technique for mining of solutions with visualization in multi-objective optimization problems
14:25 14:50 Shou Kuroda (Nagoya
A proposal for comparison of impression evaluation data among individuals by using clustering method based on distributed structure of data
15:05 15:30 Yoshinobu Watanabe (Nagoya
Application of fitness inference method following the change of evaluation criterion
15:30 16:00 Igor Goncharenko (3d Inc.) Modelling of rest-to-rest human motions by kinematic and dynamic optimization criteria
16:00 16:30 Dietmar Hildenbrand (Darmstadt
University of Technology)
Competitive runtime performance for inverse kinematics algorithms using conformal geometric algebra
2/21 Wednesday Chair: Sven Buchholz
9:30 10:00 Yuya Tateoka (Nagoya
A basic study on electroencephalogram-based control
10:00 10:30 Norihiko Sugimoto (Nagoya
A perspective on the study of climate change using geometric algebra
10:45 11:15 Takayuki Morimoto (Nagoya
An approach to modeling causality in financial time series with Bayesian network
11:15 11:45 Bahri Mawardi (University of
Uncertainty principle for quaternion Fourier transform and quaternionic windowed Fourier transform

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